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Digital Radiography

Companion Animal Surgery has acquired a fully integrated digital X-ray System with PACS (Picture Archiving Computer Systems). The beauty of this system lies in its considerably reduced X-ray processing time, which will definitely shorten your waiting period. On top of that, due to the advanced technology used, the dose on your pets will be greatly reduced, which in turn minimises greatly the possibilities of other implications due to excessive X-ray on the animals.

Other than that, the PACS allow you to have a CD containing the X-ray and Ultrasound images of your pets. This CD can be opened in any other computer and you will be able to see the images on your own computer for future references and follow-ups. With the PACS in place at Companion Animal Surgery, you will not need to remind yourself to bring the X-ray films or CDs every time you visit the clinic as the history images are stored in the PACS and will appear at a click of the button.

This state-of-the-art technology setup gives you the confidence that Companion Animal Surgery puts the interests of your pets first; we are always in line with the mindsets of pet lovers. There is a lot of convenience and ease with the new systems incorporated, hence come to Companion Animal Surgery to have a feel of the new facelift.

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